Aviation CTE High School’s Parent Involvement Policy (PIP)

Educational research shows a positive correlation between effective parental involvement and student achievement. The overall aim of this policy is to develop a parent involvement program that will ensure effective involvement of parents and community in the school. Aviation Career and Technical Education High School in compliance with the Section 1118 of Title I, Part A of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, is responsible for creating and implementing a parent involvement policy to strengthen the connection and support of student achievement between the school and the families. Aviation Career and Technical Education High School’s policy is designed to keep parents informed by actively involving them in planning and decision-making in support of the education of their children.


Parents are encouraged to actively participate on the School Leadership Team, Parent Association, and Title I Parent Committee as trained volunteers and welcomed members of the school community. Aviation Career and Technical Education High School will support parents and families of Title I students by:


  • providing materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve their achievement level, e.g., literacy, math, and use of technology;
  • providing parents with the information and training needed to effectively become involved in planning and decision making in support of the education of their children;
  • fostering a caring and effective home-school partnership to ensure that parents can effectively support and monitor their child’s progress;
  • providing assistance to parents in understanding City, State and Federal standards and assessments;
  • sharing information about school and parent related programs, meetings and other activities in a format, and in languages that parents can understand;
  • providing professional development opportunities for school staff with the assistance of parents to improve outreach, communication skills and cultural competency in order to build stronger ties between parents and other members of the school community;


Aviation Career and Technical Education High Schools Parent Involvement Policy was designed based upon a careful assessment of the needs of all parents/guardians, including parents/guardians of English Language Learners and students with disabilities. The school community will conduct an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of this parent involvement policy with Title I parents to improve the academic quality of the school. The findings of the evaluation through school surveys and feedback forms will be used to design strategies to more effectively meet the needs of parents, and enhance the school’s Title I program. This information will be maintained by Aviation Career and Technical Education High School.


In developing the Title I Parent Involvement Policy, parents of Title I participating students, parent members of the school’s Parent Association (or Parent-Teacher Association), as well as parent members of the School Leadership Team, were consulted on the proposed Title I Parent Involvement Policy and asked to survey their members for additional input. To increase and improve parent involvement and school quality, Aviation Career and Technical Education High

School will:


  • actively involve and engage parents in the planning, review and evaluation of the effectiveness of the school’s Title I program as outlined in the School Comprehensive Educational Plan, including the implementation of the school’s Title I Parent Involvement Policy and School-Parent Compact;
  • engage parents in discussion and decisions regarding the required Title I set-aside funds, which are allocated directly to the school to promote parent involvement, including family literacy and parenting skills;
  • ensure that the Title I funds allocated for parent involvement are utilized to implement activities and strategies as described in the school’s Parent Involvement Policy and the School-Parent Compact; support school-level committees that include parents who are members of the School Leadership Team, the Parent Association (or Parent-Teacher Association) and Title I Parent Committee. This includes providing technical support and ongoing professional development, especially in developing leadership skills;
  • maintain a Parent Coordinator (or a dedicated staff person) to serve as a liaison between the school and families. The Parent Coordinator or a dedicated staff person will provide parent workshops based on the assessed needs of the parents of children who attend the school and will work to ensure that the school environment is welcoming and inviting to all parents. The Parent Coordinator will also maintain a log of events and activities planned for parents each month and file a report with the central office.;
  • conduct parent workshops with topics that may include: parenting skills, understanding educational accountability, grade-level curriculum, and assessment expectations; literacy, accessing community and support services; and technology training to build parents’ capacity to help their children at home;
  • provide opportunities for parents to help them understand the accountability system, e.g., NCLB/State accountability system, student proficiency levels, Annual School Report Card, School Quality Report, Quality Review Report, Learning Environment Survey Report; host the required Annual Title I Parent Meeting on or before December 1st of each school year to advise parents of children participating in the Title I program about the school’s Title I funded program(s), their right to be involved in the program and the parent involvement requirements under Title I, Part A, Section 1118 and other applicable sections under the No Child Left Behind Act;
  • schedule additional parent meetings, e.g., quarterly meetings with flexible times, such as meetings in the morning or evening, to share information about the school’s educational program and other initiatives of the Chancellor and allow parents to provide suggestions;
  • translate all critical school documents and provide interpretation during meetings and events as needed;
  • conduct an Annual Title I Parent Fair/Event where all parents are invited to attend formal presentations and workshops that address their student academic skill needs and what parents can do to help;


Aviation Career and Technical Education High School will further encourage school-level parental involvement by:


  • holding an annual Title I Parent Curriculum Conference;
  • hosting educational family events/activities during Parent-Teacher Conferences and throughout the school year;
  • encouraging meaningful parent participation on School Leadership Teams, Parent Association (or Parent-Teacher Association) and Title I Parent Committee;
  • supporting or hosting Family Day events;
  • establishing a Parent Resource Center/Area or lending library; instructional materials for parents;
  • encouraging more parents to become trained school volunteers;
  • providing written and verbal progress reports that are periodically given to keep parents informed of their children’s progress;
  • developing and distributing a school newsletter or web publication designed to keep parents informed about school activities and student progress;
  • providing school planners/folders for regular written communication between teacher and the home in a format, and to the extent practicable in the languages that parents can understand.