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It is the mission of the Aviation High School Science Department to provide students with a quality Science Education that not only meets, but exceeds the New York State Performance Standards while infusing into the curriculum the Common Core Learning Standards and the new New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS).  We want our students to not only learn about Science, but to be able to apply what they are learning. Our holistic approach to Science Education prepares young people to not only be responsible life-long learners ready to take their place in our global society, but to also be prepared for college and future careers, some of which don’t even exist at the present moment.

The members of the Science Department are a group of caring and self-reflective content specialists.  We don’t just teach Science, we teach students who are given the opportunity to become active and engaged participants in the learning process as they develop their science literacy and ability to use the scientific method.  Our mission is to not only develop an appreciation for the various science disciplines through real-world applications, but to also empower our students to transcend any perceived limitations which they might have.  Standards are high, but in a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters a growth mindset, our students excel.

About Our Science Department


  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Living Environment
  • Physics
  • Environmental Science

We also offer honors courses in:

  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Living Environment
  • Physics

Our program includes the following Advanced Placement courses:

  • Environmental Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics



  • CHEMISTRY: Periods 6 (M-F) and 8 (M-F)

  • EARTH SCIENCE: Periods 7 (M-F),8 (M-F) and 9 (THURSDAY & FRIDAY)

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Periods 4 (M-F), 5 (M-F), and 6 (M-F)

  • LIVING ENVIRONMENT: Periods 4 (M-F), 5 (M-F), 6 (M-F), 7 (M-F), and 9 (THURS & FRI)

  • PHYSICS: Periods 8 (M-F), 10 (M), and 11 (M)

  • AP CHEMISTRY: Period 8


  • AP PHYSICS: Period 8



  • Environmental Science Club

  • Science Leadership Institute composed of the following: FIRST Robotics, Engineering Design Competitions, Guest Speakers, Consciousness Studies, Movie Nights, Trips, Project H20, and a host of team building activities.



Staceyann Collins, Assistant Principal of Science 

718-361-2032, extension 6291



The Science Department Team eagerly looks forward to partnering with you this year to ensure that your child has a productive and memorable experience.

Please stay in touch!



  1. TESTS (Evaluative Exercises), QUIZZES AND PROJECTS…70%
  2. Report card grades are cumulative, demonstrating the level of mastery a student has achieved in the subject from the beginning of the first marking period to the end of the current marking period.
  3. Students will be given 2-3 exams per marking period.
  4. Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  5. HOMEWORK (Home Learning Assignments)………………10%
  6. Homework will be assigned regularly and will appear on Skedula.
  7. Homework will help students to reinforce learning and to get them to think more critically about the concepts being studied. Many assignments will be designed to help students synthesize and apply previous learning.
  8. Students are expected to complete homework assignments on time and to make-up any missing assignments due to absence in a timely manner.
  9. Reading, writing and opportunities for analysis will be regularly included in homework assignments.
  10. Students will be provided with a copy of the homework rubric during the first full week of class.
  • CLASSWORK………………………………10%
  1. Students are expected to participate in full class and small group discussions.
  2. You must be present to participate. Cutting, lateness and inappropriate behavior will adversely affect your ability to do so and hence will affect your grade.
  3. Students will be provided with a copy of the classwork rubric during the first full week of school.
  4. LABORATORY…………………………….10%
  • A…10%
  • B….7%
  • C….5%
  • D….3%
  • F….0%
  1. Lab meets once a week and is mandatory for all science classes.
  2. All students enrolled in a Regents science course must successfully complete the laboratory requirement in order to sit for the Regents examination for that course. Students must complete 1200 minutes of lab and submit a completed lab folder.
  3. If the student misses a lab it is his/her responsibility to immediately arrange for a lab make-up with his/her teacher.  
  4. Lab folders will be collected at the end of the school year prior to the administration of the Regents examination. Students must sign indicating that they have submitted a lab folder. It is a requirement of New York State that lab folders be kept on file for 6 months after the Regents examination has been administered.
  5. A failing grade in lab indicates that the lab has not been done, that the lab report has not been submitted for grading, or that the write-up is incomplete. Should a student receive a failing grade in the lab he/she will receive a grade of 59 for the marking period.
  6. Should a student need to repeat a Regents course in the new school year, all of the lab work must be repeated. In the case of Earth Science, the Lab Practical must also be repeated.