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Social Studies Grading Policy, 2017-2018

The following criteria will be considered when calculating student grades:

20 % for Participation, Notebook and Classwork

20 % for Homework

60 % for Exams, Writing Assignments, and Projects


Each marking period is independent. At the end of the year, a student’s final grade will be determined by the average of all six marking periods for HGN21, HGN22 and HUN11 classes. The final grade for HVS11 and HES11 classes will be given at the end of the term.


    1. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. Absence from class is not an excuse for missing homework. It is your responsibility to make-up any assignment that you missed due to absence. You will be expected to answer questions in complete sentences with due attention to proper English. Homework that is turned in late will not receive full credit.
    2. Class participation: Students are expected to listen, ask and answer questions. You must actively participate and contribute to class discussions. Your Social Studies Notebook may be checked periodically, so it is important that they be kept neat and organized.
    3. Examinations: Each marking period you will have at least two exams. Students absent for an exam are expected to bring a note from home or a doctor’s note explaining the reason for the absence. Quizzes do not need to be announced in advance, so students must be prepared every day for a quiz. If you are scheduled to sit for a Regents examination, your attendance is
    4. Writing Assignments: Students will be assigned one writing assignment per marking period which will involve work to be done outside the classroom. The assignment must be completed on time.


    1. Regular attendance is necessary to help you understand the course. You are expected to be in class and ready to work on time. Lateness and cutting will be penalized.
    2. As soon as you are seated, open notebooks and begin copying the homework assigned for the following day and the aim for that day. If there is a “Do Now” on the board, proceed to do it. When you have done this, sit quietly and wait for the lesson to begin.
    3. A loose-leaf notebook is to be brought to class each day with pens. Textbooks are to be covered and brought to class when announced.
    4. Raise your hand when you wish to answer a question. No talking, calling out or fighting will be allowed.


The final grade will reflect the entire year’s work for HGN21, HGN22 and HUN11 classes. The final grade for HVS11 and HES11 classes will reflect the term’s work.

Course Offerings

Here are some ‘fast facts’ about the Social Studies Department at Aviation:

  • All students take 4 years of Social Studies:
  • Grade 9 - Global History I
  • Grade 10 - Global History II
  • Grade 11 – United States History & Government
  • Grade 12* – Participation In Government (Term 1) & Economics (Term 2)

*Grade 12 students take two ½ year courses

  • There are 2 required New York State Regents Exams in Social Studies:
    • Global Regents Exam – June of 10th Grade
    • United Stated History & Government Exam Regents – June of 11th Grade
  • Students take the W!SE Financial Literacy Exam in the spring of 12th grade.

Advanced Placement and College Now Courses

We offer several Advanced Placement courses:

  • World History
  • United States History
  • United States Government and Politics

Students with consistently strong grades are invited to take a pre-Advanced Placement admission exam for the following year.

We also offer, in conjunction with CUNY, College Now courses*: Sociology 101 and Global Politics 101. 

Interested students in law and court proceedings may also participate and compete in our Mock Trial and Moot Court club.

Please follow what the Social Studies Department and your child’s class are doing online on and Pupil Path.

(*College Now course offerings depend on student interest and available funding.)