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Welcome Class of 2025

Welcome to Aviation High School! 

The everchanging nature of this pandemic has made it very difficult to predict future conditions.  We hope to have an in-person Freshman Orientation before the first day of school in September.  In the meantime, please feel free to review the information that we put together for last year's freshman class.  The information regarding our school structure is accurate, but COVID-related information is likely outdated.  For up to the minute COVID Guidelines from the Department of Education, please click here.  As of May 27, 2021, we fully expect to have every student and staff member live, in September 2021.

Freshman Orientation Video

Welcome Letter from the Principal

Welcome Letter from the Parents Association

Welcome Video from the Parents Association

Virtual Tour Presented by Our Students

Building Map

Missed our virtual Open House events?  Click here to watch a recording!

Updated Entrance Criteria (for September 2020)

The DOE has not issued any information regarding students applying in 2021, for Fall 2022 admissions.

The Office of Admissions has updated their method by which students will be selected to our school.  In the past, placement at Aviation was based on seventh grade academics, including state test scores and attendance.  This year, the rubric below will be used.  Please remember that 15% of our seats are held for Students with Disabilities.

Sixth Grade June Report Card Grades 30%

Seventh Grade September to January Report Card Grades 30%

Sixth Grade ELA and Math State Test Scores 40%

For more information, please visit the DOE's High School Admissions website at:


Information for students not placed at Aviation High School


We would like to thank you for your interest in Aviation High School.  Thousands of students applied to our school and we only have capacity for about 500 students.  We wish that we could accept all of our applicants.  Please read the information below to learn a little more about our admissions programs and to obtain Family Welcome Center contact information for any admissions process questions you may have.

Regarding the Waitlist: The NYCDOE placed every student on the Waitlist of every program students ranked above the program they were placed in.  We have 1,000 students on each waitlist.  The NYCDOE also placed 700 students for our 500 seats so it is very unlikely that we will draw from our Waitlist.  We are so very sorry that this process is so confusing and has such little transparency.  Further, we wish we had better answers for you.

Admissions Information:

  • Ranking and selection was conducted by the NYC Department of Education Office of High School Admissions
  • Both Q60A and Q60Q admissions codes represent 250 ninth grade seats each (for a total of 500 students)
  • 16%, or roughly 40 seats per program, are designated for Students with Disabilities (80 total Students with Disabilities and 420 total non-Students with Disabilities)
  • Both programs are screened with ranking based on sixth grade and seventh grade report card grades and sixth grade standardized test scores
  • School administration does not know the details of how students were ranked or selected

For details and appeals, please contact the Office of High School Admissions and the Family Welcome Centers directly.

  1. Office of Admissions by phone 718-935-2009.  Press 4 then 1 and then 1 again.
  2. Office of Admissions by email at
  3. Family Welcome Center by email.  See Below


School Districts Served

FWC Email Address

Bronx - Districts 7, 9, 10

Bronx - Districts 8, 11, 12

Brooklyn - Districts 13, 15, 20, 21

Brooklyn - Districts: 14, 19, 23, 32

Brooklyn - Districts 16, 17, 18, 22

Manhattan - Districts 1, 2, 4

Manhattan - Districts 3, 5, 6

Queens - Districts 24, 30

Queens - Districts 25, 26

Queens - Districts 27, 28, 29

Staten Island - District 31



Dr. Michael Koumoullos

Assistant Principal Pupil Personnel Services

719-361-2032 ext. 1351

Aviation High School

Your First Day of School

Congratulations incoming freshmen and welcome to Aviation High School!

We fully understand that this is a scary and difficult time to transition to high school and we promise to make your first few weeks at Aviation as welcoming as possible.  I want to start by saying that your child is exactly where they need to be.  We do not have any summer assignments and we do not expect students to purchase any out-of-the-ordinary school supplies before school starts.  For the first day of school, please have a bookbag (back pack), a few pens/pencils, a notebook or binder and a few folders.  Each of your child's teachers may ask for something extra but it will be minimal (highlighter, eraser, and etc.) 

What about supplies for shop (the aircraft maintenance classes)?  By October 1, we will sell, in school, to your child, a collection of supplies that they will need.  We call it "The Freshmen Packet."  It costs about $60.  Your child will get more information about this freshman packet from their teacher in the first few weeks of school.  You do not need anything from this packet for the first few days of school.  Please just set aside $60 for this packet.

What about a uniform for the Gymnasium?  All of our students must wear our school Gym uniform in their Physical Education classes.  The uniform and lock cost about $40.  We sell it in our school store.  Because of social distancing rules, we do not expect to have students change into uniforms this year so you will most likely not purchase this uniform this fall.

What is my child's class schedule?  On Thursday, September 2nd, we are asking all freshmen to come to Aviation High School to pick up their class schedules, their Metro Cards and take a short tour.  If you cannot come on September 2nd, please come on September 10th at 11 am.  The first day of class will be Monday, September 13th and it will be a full day of instruction.  All students enter through the Student Cafeteria on 35th Street.  For another way to find your child's list of classes, please visit the website and sign into your Parent/Guardian account.  Please keep in mind that schedules will not be made available until September 2nd as we are continuously adapting to changing COVID related conditions.  Please also update your contact information in

Please do your best to arrive at the times below to minimize wait times.

Last Names Starting With These Letters Time to Arrive
A to F 10:00 am
G to M 10:30 am
N to S 11:00 am
T to Z 11:30 am


When will my child get a Metro Card?  All students eligible for a Metro Card will receive one on September 2nd.  All students are eligible unless they live very close to the school.  Click here for the DOE rules on Metro Cards. We do not offer a yellow school bus except for students whose IEPs specify transportation accommodations.  For questions about IEPs please email Ms. Ortiz, AP Instructional Support Services at

Who is my child's counselor?  For students without an IEP, Ms. Donohue.  For students with an IEP, Ms. Alba.  Please click here for their contact information.  They will not return from the summer break until the Thursday after Labor Day.


Please watch the two short videos below for a little more information about the first few days of school.

Citywide Update on NYC High School Admissions

Dear Incoming Students and Families,

Congratulations, to all incoming students and welcome to the Aviation family! We are thrilled to be partnering with you as you participate in an exciting educational journey! On behalf of the entire Aviation community, I pledge that we will do everything possible to ensure that you develop your educational curiosity and love of all things aviation. Aviation is a place where you can achieve your true potential and realize your dreams. Take advantage of this opportunity. Study hard, make new friends, and try new clubs and activities. Get to know your teachers. These experiences, and many others you will have during your time here will prepare you to make your mark on the world. I look forward to getting to know you in the coming years as our students, and for decades to come as our alumni.

Vital to excellence, creativity, and innovation at Aviation is our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Cultivating our rich diversity is a hallmark of our school. We encourage one another to celebrate our differences and to foster a community free of intolerance and discrimination. Together we work to promote a climate that is respectful, civil, supportive, and safe. These core values allow us to provide a living and learning environment where we can all pursue our dreams and reach our highest potential.  Studies show that students who believe they can do well often are correct. Students who believe their abilities can grow with hard work, effort, perseverance, and trial-and-error are more likely to overcome obstacles and succeed.

COVID-19 Challenges:

Normally, we would have you all come in for an orientation meeting on Thursday, June 3, 2021.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to do so.  This portion of our website has important information for new students and families, and, based on Department of Education guidelines, we hope to provide you with a freshmen orientation live in our school in late August. We will contact you with updates throughout the summer.

Key Notes for Incoming Students: 

  1. The mayor has announced that all courses will be live for the 2021-2022 school year!

  2. All students take courses in Aircraft Maintenance.

    1. Regardless of the admissions code that your child was accepted through, all students are enrolled in our Aircraft Maintenance courses.

    2. Successfully completing all Aircraft Maintenance courses at Aviation High School leads students to the licensing required to work as an aircraft technician, immediately.

    3. We offer no other career-focused electives or programs.

  3. All students are placed in academic courses that are rigorous and challenging.

    1. Starting sophomore year, honors and college-level classes are available and encouraged.

  4. We provide a wide array of services for students with disabilities.

    1. We make every effort to meet all conditions of IEPs.

  5. We honor accelerated eighth-grade classes.

    1. Exact details regarding how these classes will be handled are not available as we are still waiting for guidance and clarification from the Department of Education.

Stay safe,

Dr. Michael Koumoullos

Assistant Principal Pupil Personnel and Admissions



Estimados estudiantes y familias entrantes:

¡Felicitaciones a todos los estudiantes entrantes y bienvenidos a la familia de Aviación! ¡Estamos encantados de asociarnos con usted mientras participa en un emocionante viaje educativo! En nombre de toda la comunidad de la aviación, prometo que haremos todo lo posible para garantizar que desarrolle su curiosidad educativa y su amor por todo lo relacionado con la aviación. La aviación es un lugar donde puedes alcanzar tu verdadero potencial y realizar tus sueños. Aprovecha esta oportunidad. Estudie mucho, haga nuevos amigos y pruebe nuevos clubes y actividades. Conoce a tus profesores. Estas experiencias y muchas otras que tendrás durante tu tiempo aquí te prepararán para dejar tu huella en el mundo. Espero conocerlos en los próximos años como nuestros estudiantes, y en las próximas décadas como nuestros alumnos.


Vital para la excelencia, la creatividad y la innovación en Aviation es nuestro compromiso con la diversidad y la inclusión. Cultivar nuestra rica diversidad es un sello distintivo de nuestra escuela. Nos animamos unos a otros para celebrar nuestras diferencias y fomentar una comunidad libre de intolerancia y discriminación. Juntos trabajamos para promover un clima que es respetuoso, civil, solidario y seguro. Estos valores centrales nos permiten proporcionar un entorno de vida y aprendizaje donde todos podemos perseguir nuestros sueños y alcanzar nuestro máximo potencial. Los estudios demuestran que los estudiantes que creen que pueden hacerlo bien a menudo son correctos. Los estudiantes que creen que sus habilidades pueden crecer con trabajo duro, esfuerzo, perseverancia y prueba y error tienen más probabilidades de superar obstáculos y tener éxito.


Desafíos COVID-19:

Normalmente, nos gustaría que vinieran a una reunión de orientación el jueves 4 de junio de 2020. Desafortunadamente, no podremos hacerlo. Estamos trabajando en un video del evento y una encuesta que le hace algunas preguntas sobre su experiencia actual en la escuela intermedia. Queremos darle información ahora, y también darle la oportunidad de hacer cualquier pregunta que podamos incorporar a nuestra presentación. Continuaremos siguiendo las pautas y protocolos emitidos por el Departamento de Educación y la Ciudad de Nueva York. Instamos a todos a mantenerse a salvo y esperamos verlos a todos en el otoño.

Notas clave para estudiantes entrantes:

1. ¡El alcalde ha anunciado que todos los cursos estarán disponibles para el año escolar 2021-2022!

2. Todos los estudiantes toman cursos de mantenimiento de aeronaves.

a. Independientemente del código de admisión por el cual su hijo fue aceptado, todos los estudiantes están inscritos en nuestros cursos de Mantenimiento de aeronaves.


si. Completar con éxito todos los cursos de Mantenimiento de aeronaves en Aviation High School lleva a los estudiantes a la licencia requerida para trabajar como técnico de aeronaves, de inmediato.

C. No ofrecemos otras asignaturas optativas o programas centrados en la carrera.

3. Todos los estudiantes son colocados en cursos académicos que son rigurosos y desafiantes.

a. A partir del segundo año, las clases de honores y de nivel universitario están disponibles y alentadas.

4. Brindamos una amplia gama de servicios para estudiantes con discapacidades.

a. Hacemos todo lo posible para cumplir con todas las condiciones de los IEP.

5. Honramos las clases aceleradas de octavo grado.

a. Los detalles exactos sobre cómo se manejarán estas clases no están disponibles ya que todavía estamos esperando la guía y aclaraciones del Departamento de Educación.


Dr. Michael Koumoullos

Assistente Principal de Personal del Alumno y Admisiones


High School Admissions Decisions

Please log in to your account to see which school your child was accepted into.  If you disagree with the results of your child's application, please contact their current counselor at their middle school or the Family Welcome Center at 718-935-3500.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to host our Orientation Day on Thursday, June 3, 2021. 

Please check your email used for you application, we will be emailing everyone with updates soon. 

Entrance Requirements

For more information click here:  Admissions process 2018.pdf 

For the full admission rubric, click here:  admissions criteria template style 2017.pdf 

Aerospace Engineering Technology – Q60A  is an academic screened program. The following selection criteria components are used during the admissions process for Aviation Career and Technical Education High School  – Aerospace Engineering Technology – Q60A.

Aviation Maintenance Technology – Q60Q  is an academic screened program. The following selection criteria components are used during the admissions process for Aviation Career and Technical Education High School  – Aviation Maintenance Technology – Q60Q.

Both of our programs are screened programs and both of our programs utilize the same rubric below. We review & rank each student’s data as follows:


9th grade Ranking Components:



Weight (#points)









Subject Area Grades:








Social Studies


NYS Math Test Score




NYS ELA Test Score



Total Points



ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS - Neither the Q60A program or the Q60Q program uses additional components.



 We will not be giving any extra points for special circumstances.


Missing NYS ELA & Math Test Scores & Core Subject Grades:

NYS applicants – For both of our programs Aviation Career and Technical Education High School will replace missing grades or State tests, when all efforts to collect all of the components are exhausted, by distributing the % or weight of that component among the remaining components.

 Private/Parochial applicants/Out-of-State/International applicants – who do not have NY State standardized test scores will be considered if they have nationally normalized standardized examination scores, or Aviation Career and Technical Education High School  will convert other testing scores for non-NY State Exams where possible as per the High School Academic Policy Guide. In addition, Aviation Career and Technical Education High School  will contact the applicant’s current/previous school to obtain documentation (e.g. transcripts, report cards, etc.) to determine appropriate corresponding scores in order to provide the student with a rank.

 *Note you may use more than one program code*

Thank you for your interest in Aviation High School.  This page is dedicated to helping you get to know us.  Please feel free to browse but keep in mind that the City of New York has not decided how screened programs will handle admissions this school year.  Everything you see regarding admissions criteria are based on last year's standards.  We will update this website when we receive more information.  For the latest from the NYC Department of Education, click here.


How do I apply to Aviation High School?

Your current middle school would help you submit the NYC High School Application to the Department of Education via

If you require extra help or are attending middle school outside of the NYC Department of Education, please call the Family Welcome Center at 718-935-3500.

What if I am applying for the 10th grade, 11th or 12th grade?

As of the 2016-2017 school year, transfer students are no longer  accepted due to changes applied by the Federal Aviation Administration to our programs.

Do I have to list Aviation High School as #1 on the application form?

You do not have to, but be advised that the Department of Education will also take into consideration your preference when deciding placement of students.

Do I need to take a test to get into your school?

There is no admission test for Aviation High School.

I am interested in becoming a pilot, is Aviation High School a right fit for me?

Here at Aviation High School, students study aircraft maintenance, in addition to being prepared for college. This means that all of our students learn how planes fly and learn how to fix planes.

While we do not offer a flight program, we are a great step into a pilot program after graduation.

I did not attend public school in the 7th grade. What standardized exams do I submit?

Students are not penalized for not taking standardized exams. Your application will be considered without standardized exams.

What scores do I need on the standardized exams (ELA/Reading and Mathematics) to be eligible for Aviation High School?

If you are applying for Q60A – Aerospace Engineering Technology, you will need a 3 or 4 on standardized exams.

If you are applying for Q60Q – Aircraft Maintenance, you will need a 2 to 4 on standardized exams.

How is my student's average calculated for admissions into your school?

The office of enrollment only sends us limited information. Regarding class grades, we only receive grades for math, English, Social Studies and science.

I was absent from school for an extended period of time because of illness or family issues. Will you still consider my application?

Yes. Your middle school counselor has the option of indicating that you were absent because of “Extenuating Circumstances.” If your counselor checks off that box, we do not penalize you for your absences.

When is the deadline to apply?

Deadlines are set by your current school. Please check with your middle school guidance counselor. The citywide deadline is usually around December 1.

 Will Aviation High School offer any seats in Round 2?

No. Round 2 is only for schools that did not fill all of their seats in Round 1.  Last year, we received 5,000 applications for our 500 freshmen seats.

Contact Us


Phone: (718) 361-2032 ext: 1352


Thank you for your interest in our school!

Please submit your applications to your middle school counselor before December. Placements should be mailed to you by March or April 2022.

Feel free to check back here to get the latest information regarding admissions into Aviation High School.

Final placement decisions are made by the Family Welcome Centers. If you have any questions regarding placement, or if you feel you would like to appeal the decision, you must contact them directly at 718-990-3500 or visit them in person at 28-11 Queens Plaza North, 3rd Floor.

Aviation High School - Open House (2019)

The information below is a sample of our prior Open House flyer. New updates will be available in the Fall of 2021.