Students With Disabilities (I.S.S)

Aviation High School Celebrates Neurodiversity!


We align our programs to meet mandated services as per student IEPs.


Related Services for Students with Disabilities: 

  • Counseling: Individual and Group 
  • Speech/Language Therapy: Individual and Group 
  • Hearing: Individual and Group 
  • Occupational Therapy: Individual and Group
  • Paraprofessional Services: Health, Mobility, and Behavior Support.


Historically we have offered the following Educational programs:

  • Related Service Only
  • SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services)
  • Integrated Co-Teaching (40% IEP over 60% Gen. Ed.)
  • Self Contained (Special Class 15:1) 

Students are promoted and fully integrated to main stream classes based on individual progress, skill acquisition, parental consent, and CSE team recommendation. 


Career Technical Education (CTE):  

  • Special Education 9th and 10th grade students participate full time in the main stream CTE  program.
  • Special Education students who do not have the skills to continue in the main stream CTE program, are assigned to Special Education Technology classes.  Here they have access to  small group instruction, receive basic technology information and participate in hands-on activities.


SWD Grading Policy:

  • 20% for Participation and Classwork
  • 20% for Homework
  • 60% for Exams, Essays and Projects