Welcome Back to the 2018-2019 School Year

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, 

I would like to welcome all students, parents, guardians and community members back to Aviation High School for the 2018-2019 school year. I am certain that Aviation High School’s 83rd year will be another year filled with success and new achievements! Our staff is eager to greet returning students back to school and welcome our new ninth grade students to our community. We have all been working diligently to ensure that the new school year begins smoothly and that all students receive a top quality education. I hope that everyone has rested, spent quality time with family and friends and is ready to start the school year with renewed energy and focus.

In order to start the school year smoothly, I would like to remind everyone that all students will report to school on Wednesday, September 5 at 8:25 am, entering the building through the cafeteria (this entrance is located off of 35th Street). The first period of the day will be devoted to an Official Class period as outlined in the letter included in this envelope. During Official Class all students will receive their schedules, MetroCards, lunch PINs and other important school documentation. After the Official Class only periods three through ten will be in session, as the first day of school is a shortened schedule for all students. Incoming freshmen students will attend a new student orientation from 1:15 pm to 2:36 pm. Therefore, all freshmen students will be dismissed from school at 2:36 pm on Wednesday. Starting Thursday, September 6 all students are to follow their personalized schedules that they will be receiving during Official Class. 

I look forward to greeting everyone as we start the new school year. It is always a great pleasure to welcome back all returning students and to meet new students, and I am excited to meet all new and returning parents and guardians at our first Parents’ Association meeting in September (meeting details will be sent to you shortly). Please feel free to email me at sjackso17@schools.nyc.gov if you ever have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s education at Aviation High School. Our school website, aviationhs.net, will always provide you with up-to-date information and methods for you to contact our staff.  

Enjoy the remainder of the summer. Rest, relax and prepare for a busy and productive school year. 

Steven R. Jackson 
Aviation High School