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Welcome to the Online office! If you are a student then you belong here. Please come by to room 230 and see Ms. DiGiorgio to start planning for your future!  The college and career planning process begins in the 9th grade.  See me for a fee waive today.

Check out the school calendar for all the colleges that are visiting the school to MEET YOU!!

 College and Career Center

Ms. DiGiorgio , School Counselor

Aviation High School-Room 230

Parents if you would like to set up an appointment to discuss you child's college plans please contact
me by calling 718-361- 2032 or by email at to schedule a time and date.

Start your college search go to:




FEE Waivers for the SAT/ACT and applications,
you must see Ms. DiGiorgio


 Testing: SAT and ACT

Attention Juniors, Seniors, and Projected 5th year students:

Students should have an account with College Board in order to register for your next SAT . To register please go to . To Register for your ACT you need to go to

Sophomore and Juniors will be taking the PSAT/SAT on March 21, 2018. So make sure you open your College Board Account. Also, start prepping with Khan Academy, otherwise a list of local SAT/ACT prep classes throughout the NYC can be found in the college office.

If you need further assistance with registering for the SAT and/or ACT, please come to the College Office if you have not done so already. 

 Students who need a fee waiver for the SAT and/or ACT you need to bring your parents/guardian's 1040 Tax forms or documentation verifying their income to the College Office in order to get a fee waiver for your next exam and College Applications

 Juniors, Seniors and Projected 5th year students

 Test Dates for Academic year 2017/2018


 Test Dates

 April 14th 2018

June 9th, 2018

July 14, 2018


Test Dates

March 10th, 2018

May 5th, 2018

June 2nd, 2018

See Resources  at the bottom of this page for additional SAT links to Information such as Test prep, SAT vs. ACT information , schools, scholarships, etc.



Recent Scholarship opportunities - the STEM scholarship, Excelsior and the more is a great resource please use it, it is extremely helps, see you in September


Gates scholarship is back.

A list of scholarships are in the college office.

You will be getting emails from the college office with new scholarships regularly, so read the emails from Ms. DiGiorgio




 Register to for live chats with admission counselor's and virtual tours of colleges.


Financial Aid

Financial Aid:

 How will you pay for College?

 You can begin to apply for financial aid. Go to (This is a free application). The sooner you complete your FAFSA the sooner schools can provide you with a Financial Aid Package. Please note if you have not completed the tax forms for 2016, when completing your tax information in FAFSA you can put your information for 2016 and select will file as an option. Schools will then give you an estimated Financial Aid packet, but you MUST go back and make a correction once your 2016 taxes have been filed to have the most accurate information.

 Do Not forget to also apply for TAP!

 Do not go to -they will charge you. 

 Do you want extra money for College that you won't have to pay back??

 Check out the thousands of scholarships and grants available to you located in our office!

Click on the links below under Resources for more links to scholarships, and come by the College Office and ask to see our Scholarship book! Please keep in mind that there are numerous deadlines you must pay attention to!

 Examples of Scholarships!!!!!

CSO Opportunity Scholarship, Gates Millennium Scholars Program, Dell Scholars Program, United Negro College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship, KFC Colonel's Twitter Scholarship, NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award, Scholastic Art & Writing Award, SAE Engineering Scholarships, and many more......

 Graduating Seniors please review the scholarship resource section.



Athletics make sure you register at NCAA Eligibility Center

Great website!!!!!!!!!!

Career Search


Summer Paid Internship applications are available stop by the office today, ASAP, 

  •     Don't know what to major in when you get to College?
  •        Wondering which career choices are best for you?

 If you are wondering about which career path to take or you are wondering which colleges may have the programs you might be looking for, below are a few helpful resources that may assist you in the process of figuring out what to do.

Feel free to provide the College Office with some feedback on these links, and feel free to share any additional helpful links you've found that could help your classmates with their search on careers!

 Helpful Career related links

 *Career One Stop: Provides information about the different career opportunities and career paths one can take. Have an idea of what you want to do but don't know where to start looking for colleges? Career One Stop has a link for students under the 'Education & Training' tab. Follow the instructions below in order to view the schools that may have the programs or occupations you may be interested in. It provides you with the list of schools in each state that has the program(s) you are looking for. It also provides a link to the schools admissions process.

            Follow these steps:

  1. Click on Education + training
  2. Select  Programs at colleges
  3. Select Education and Training finder
  4. Under Occupations browse or include key words with the occupations you are looking for
  5. Select the state you are interested in attending
  6. Browse the list of schools that appear with your intended major and/or occupation.

     Explore career- this site assists students with exploring different careers and provides additional resources that could help you figure out the best career path for you.

Mapping  Your Future- Provides resources for students, families, and educators about career selection, career awareness, college planning, and other supportive tools. 'Explore Careers' tab has free tools that help students make the right choices with a link to assess skills and interests, develop career plans, resources about finding work, and additional guidance and job search resources.

NY Career Zone-  NYCareerZone is an online resource that aides with career exploration and planning. It includes current job market information based on the information from the NYS Department of Labor. Link also includes self- assessments and specific information about the careers that exist today.

O*Net- Provides information on a myriad of occupations that exist in the workforce today. Provides skills and interests self assessments, as well as additional resources that may help with your career search.

Careers  in the Military-  This link provides information for students inquiring about specific careers with the Army, Navy, Air force,  Marine Corps, Coast Guard and  National Guard. This is an opportunity to explore careers as well as information on job requirements and training needed for selected career paths.